Updated: Sep 7, 2021

One of the greatest celebrations in our country has to be in the diversity of weddings, the colours, outfits, decor, and traditions. Everyone wants to throw a wedding that can never be forgotten. The more elaborate, the better! But we think that rather than targeting the exaggeration of a grand wedding, having a personal one, especially given the circumstances now can be much more meaningful.

Here are some great ideas for a picture-perfect yet intimate and personal wedding that will resonate with your guests too -

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Make the guest list and invite only those you really want to have at your wedding

It’s easy to get carried away because of your families and invite the entire town, but what you really could do to have an intimate, personal wedding is to call only the people that mean something to the both of you and you’d like to share this moment with and you can always have a big reception later for all the extended people.

Pick a fun theme

The theme of your wedding can be anything! This could be colours, florals, a character, anything! It’s all about how you plan the details and incorporate who you are as a couple that makes a wedding memorable and delightful to you as well as your guests. Creating an environment that compliments both your personalities will only make the celebration more fun since people get to know the both of you well! For example, if both of you love holi, you could throw a holi party for your friends and family, or if your story started somewhere special, the entire them can revolve around that place.

Choose a wedding hashtag

A wedding hashtag now is a must! It’s a great way to get all your guests to share memories from your big day. Plus, going candid is the newest trend in wedding memorabilia. Make sure to display your hashtag around your venue so you can see your wedding and all the fun through everyone’s eyes!

Custom made cocktails at the bar

Of course you can also personalise your wedding at the bar too! Pick your and your fiance's favourite flavours and get the bartender to create a cocktail with your hashtag that all guests must try! They’re sure to be amazed at the details you perfected for your wedding.

Add whimsical lighting

Lanterns, fairy lights, (string lights) and minimalist lighting can go a long way when it comes to an intimate wedding. Choose colours that are warmer, such as gold, or off-white, as they bring in a sense of romance, privacy, and serenity to your wedding. Ambient lights can be used in and around the reception, the archway, or entrances.

Plan your playlists earlier

Music can make or break your wedding events! It sets the vibe for your functions. So in case you aren’t having a DJ for all your events, you and your fiance can either pre-make your playlists in advance or have a friend do it so there’s no stop to the dancing!

Handmake a few details!

Anything handmade instantly adds value to your wedding, making it far more personal rather than an over-the-top “template” wedding. There are plenty of small businesses that cater to handmade decor like place settings or typography, but getting friends and family to come together to make art and craft is an even better way to bring wholesomeness to your wedding for example you could handmake dreamcatchers or put together some rustic centerpieces and elements here and there. You could also play with pastel florals and greens all around the venue. Origami is also a beautiful thing to incorporate into your wedding decor. You could make ombre swans hanging in different levels or even hearts to string around.

Dress code

Pick a theme for your all your events and send your guests the dress code with the invite so they can prepare their wardrobe for your wedding accordingly and so can you! This makes everyone’s job easier and the search for the perfect outfit more concentrated, don’t you think?

Gift boxes are a beautiful gesture

Gift boxes are a great way to thank your loved ones for being a part of your journey and your big day! You can also personalise them very easily by adding a thank you tag on behalf of the couple. There’s so many options you could choose from such as scented candles, exotic teas, chocolates, macaroons, a small bottle of champagne.


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